Tired of Being Strangled By Third-Party Fees?

Tired of Being Strangled By Third-Party Fees?

Repeat Returns also helps you transition away from the obscene fees and discount demands made by the third-party services like GrubHub, DoorDash, and others.

There are no reports to run, no spreadsheets to puzzle over… no marketing chores to hassle with. Just run your kitchen, we’ll send you the customers.

The FlatZero Platform is perfect for well-run independents, multi-units, and franchise operators that are ready to pivot to the new economy… but it’s not for everyone.

If the COVID-19 event has left you with no hope of getting your restaurant back on track, or you simply can’t adapt your restaurant to the new reality, then you should pass. FlatZero is best suited for restaurants ready to move decisively and fast.

The demand is high. Contact us now.

Learn How FlatZero Can Specifically Help Your Restaurant

Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.