Driver Control

Optimize Delivery Routes and Get the Most Out of Each Run

Driver Control

Experience what is built to be the most powerful, secure, and affordable point of sale system. This feature includes driver control that allows you to assign specific drivers to each car. You can contact drivers directly from the order screen with a few finger taps. Our software works on any PC, laptop, or tablet running Windows or Android systems.

Complete Driver Summary

Easy checkout for drivers makes settling up at the end of their shift seamless.

"ON THE WAY" Messages

Automated messages at dispatch letting the customer know the food has left the building.

Driver Navigation Links

Quick hyperlinks are sent to your drivers giving them the full power of their mobile device's navigational ability.

Driver App

A mobile hub for delivery drivers from items on a check, to GPS tracking, navigation, reminders, and mileage. Make delivery a powerful concept for your restaurant.

Door Drive

Short Drivers? Call a DoorDash driver with the touch of a button. Sometimes everybody needs a little help.

Driver Reminders

DON'T FORGET messages at dispatch and push notifications through the Driver app. Give your drivers the checklist they need.

Big Screen mapping

A heads-up display of every delivery ticket, on a map, and color-coded based on promise time.  Allowing you to optimize delivery routes and get the most out of each run.

Driver Tracking

Have the next deliveries waiting for the driver and forget the phone call to see when the driver will return. Just check the map on the POS and see for yourself.