Point of Sale

Makes Training a Breeze

A Sale System that Works for You

Easy-to-use, fully integrated POS solution. ArrowPOS is the ideal solution for your business, with all the features you need to run your day-to-day operations. Whether you own a small boutique or a high-volume retail store, we have the features and functionalities to help you reach peak efficiency.

Secure Integrated Payments

Use P2P Encryption to keep you and your customers safe from data breaches.

Multiple payment types

Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Gift Cards.

House Multiple Menus

Create up to 3 different menus specific to your needs and apply it to the check at the touch of a button.

Cash Discounts

Drastically reduce monthly processing fees by incentivising cash payments.

Simple Detailed Reporting

Make Training easier and keeps employees up to speed with valuable, actionable, real-time information from every aspect of the business

Flexible & Agile System

Grants the ability to manage multiple service types, and easily adapt as the business grows while allowing owners to have different concepts using the same system.

Loyalty Reward Program

Increase your customer frequency and engagement while creating intuitive offers based on what, how, and when your customers typically order, giving them the best offers right when they are looking for them.

Reduce Errors

In the kitchen, on the order, or getting the total correct on the check ensure your peace of mind with increased error reduction.

Cloud Enabled

Harnesses the ability of the cloud without internet reliance.