Call Centers

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Call Center Integration

Easy, fast, and efficient point of sale solution. ArrowPOS is a POS system that allows users to utilize the arrow's functionality. It integrates into call centers, where sales are done over the phone and not face-to-face. In addition, it collects full customer data, allows real-time monitoring of customers in the process, and tracks call center performance statistics.

True Call Center Software

GIve your order takers real power, not just access to an online ordering platform to place orders. Reduce staff and the chaos of ringing phones in your restaurants. Making it easier for your employees in the restaurant to focus on production and service.

Customer Profile

Customer information is crucial for creating a clear difference between you and your competitors. Create customer awareness with your employees and drive exceptional service on a first-name basis.

Order Sharing

When staffing is short, share the workload with another location to keep the service times down and still deliver the exceptional service you are known for giving.

Complete inventory Tracking

Complete control means maximum profits. Food costs are higher than ever, and managing your inventory properly will keep the profit that you are making from walking out the door.

Pizza Cloud integration