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Franchise Operation Options

ArrowPOS is a Point of Sale (POS) system used by franchise operations worldwide. With fully integrated payroll, inventory, and gift card management, this system will help you increase sales, decrease shrinkage, and automate various day-to-day business tasks. We offer full live support with our team of developers for all our clients. ArrowPOS is an affordable yet powerful tool designed to maximize the potential of your business. We are proud to be your point of sale partner.

Loyalty Rewards Powered by Repeat Returns

Increase your customer frequency and engagement. Create intuitive offers based on what, how, and when your customers typically order. Giving them the best offers right when they are looking for them.

  • Rewards portal right in the POS
  • Automated for simplicity
  • Branded and Customized Content
  • Targeted and intelligently timed offers 
  • Big Spender notifications
  • Customer Surveys
  • Community Letters
  • Social Media Offers
  • Opt-in Text offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Complete integration with Arrow, Ordercraze, and customer mobile app
  • QR Codes on Receipts make it easy for customers to get all of their points
  • Cost-Effective and quantifiable

Core Menu

Standardization is critical with multiple locations.  Our Core Menu feature allows you to manage a single menu for all your locations.

iFranchise Enterprise HQ

Look at your business with a whole new lens.  Cloud-based reporting gives you all the data you could ever want with charts, graphs, and reports to help simplify your decisions as an owner.  Break everything down by location, region, or the entire company.

3rd Party Integrations

Ditch the tablets and double order entry. Get your 3rd Party orders printed in the kitchen automatically.

Customer Mobile App

Get some real estate on your customer's phone and make it easier than ever to order from you. It is a branded application that integrates their profile, order history, rewards, and more. Downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Complete Inventory Tracking

Complete control means maximum profits.  Food costs are higher than ever, and managing your inventory properly will keep the profit that you are making from walking out the door.

TablesIde Ordering and waitlist

Save the walks back to the POS on a busy night. Faster order entry means faster service, and that equals a happier customer. Keep your servers on the floor, place orders, and engage with customers. Add iNotify; now you have a table waitlist that texts the customer when their table is ready.

Gift Cards

Back of the House Software Integrations