Powerful Marketing Tools

A System to Market

ArrowPOS is a point of sale, inventory management, and business management solution carefully crafted to propel the modern convenience store into the future. Our intuitive software is built with robust features that help you manage your operations, increase efficiency, and maximize profit potential.

Loyalty Rewards Powered by Repeat Returns

Increase your customer frequency and engagement. Create intuitive offers based on what, how, and when your customers typically order. Giving them the best offers right when they are looking for them.

  • Rewards portal right in the POS
  • Automated for simplicity
  • Branded and Customized Content
  • Targeted and intelligently timed offers 
  • Big Spender notifications
  • Customer Surveys
  • Community Letters
  • Social Media Offers
  • Opt-in Text offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Complete integration with Arrow, Ordercraze, and customer mobile app
  • QR Codes on Receipts make it easy for customers to get all of their points
  • Cost-Effective and quantifiable


Attract new customers through community partnerships and turn your slow days into events that boost revenue.

Gift Card Marketing

Run traffic-driving gift card campaigns with a huge redemption rate to help your business grow.

Attract New Customers

We have integrated many advanced features in Arrow POS+POM to inexpensively and powerfully lure new customers through your doors.

Keep New customers coming back

Now that you have them, keep them. The average customer frequents their favorite restaurant twice per month. If you can pull them back one more time per month, you will see a 50% increase in your sales.

Cost Effective Marketing with Repeat Return

Many Arrow POS+POM clients are now investing less money in their marketing efforts and achieving greater results. The money they save is called "profit".