Access Real-Time Insights

Make Better Business Decisions

Reporting made easy. ArrowPOS takes data from all sales to automatically generate reports you can use in your business. Instead of spending hours making these reports, you can utilize your time for other aspects of your business.

Report Sharing

Get the accountant what they need quickly and easily email reports directly from the system.


Collect everything from addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses giving you the data you need to design targeted offers for higher frequency. 


Manage your stock all the way down to the recipe to eliminate waste and see the profits creep back up.

Menu Analysis

A big picture view of every menu item. Eliminate products that don't sell and bring food costs down.

iControl Enterprise HQ

Look at your business with a whole new lens. Cloud-based reporting gives you all the data you could ever want with charts, graphs, and reports to help simplify your decisions as an owner.

Google analytics

Get to know your digital customer base so you can market to them the way they prefer to see you to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Credit Card Transactions

We understand that you need credit card processing to succeed. Our system can be easily customized for retail, restaurant, hospitality, fitness to handle your system faster.