Your Ops Platform is Mission Critical For Success

Your Ops Platform is Mission Critical For Success

Are you ready for battle?

Question: Which Restaurants are Thriving and Growing, RIGHT NOW?

Answer: Pizza, Delivery Sub Shops, Chinese – those who specialize in providing Off-Premise eating

Why: Off-Premise Service is in their Operational DNA. They already have some of the tools and “get it.”

What DNA? They know how to handle the nuances of Pickup, Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Online Ordering, Mobile Apps, Mobile Enterprise, Drive-thru. Some also have basic marketing programs.

Introducing: FlatZero OPS – Off-Premise Service Platform

There has been a major shift and societal habits have been altered for the foreseeable future. There already are winners, and there already are losers. Those restaurants who are prepared for Off-Premise Operations will win.
We are bringing the OPS platform to any restaurant.

Learn How FlatZero Can Specifically Help Your Restaurant

Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.