Do You Know Your Customers?

Do You Know Your Customers?

Your FlatZero OPS platform comes with the built-in marketing platform powering some of the most successful, high-volume pizzerias in the nation.

It’s called Repeat Returns, and it is a game-changer for you.

Repeat Returns is a full-featured restaurant marketing platform… built by a restaurant owner who increased his own sales by over $137,000 a month.

It’s exactly what you need for the challenge you face and the time we’re in.

Repeat Returns replaces the complexity of multiple marketing services that require YOU to do all the work, with a single “done-for-you” platform that adapts to each customer’s buying habits and behavior patterns.

It creates a high-profit scenario for your restaurant – every single day, and then delivers the marketing to make that happen.

  • With offers designed to reduce discounts and maximize customer wallet share.
  • Synchronized to each customer’s buying cycle… to drive more visits.
  • And predictive analytics that re-engages slowing or lapsed customers to get them back and spending again.

It’s the end of DIY – and the beginning of auto-pilot traffic, higher ticket averages, and longer customer retention.

Learn How FlatZero Can Specifically Help Your Restaurant

Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.