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SAAS – 1st Station, $69 / mo, 2nd Station, $30 / mo, 3rd+ Stations, $20 / mo
OrderCraze Vivid Online Ordering - $99 / mo
iNotify Curbside Pickup - $19 / mo / 1000 texts
Customer Mobile App - $29 / mo standard, $39 / month with Chain Location Finder
Advanced Enterprise Reporting - $49 / mo

Take Control

Flat $99 per Month, +4% on Tips and NCA Bypasses

  • Customer incurs a 3.99%** non-cash adjustment on each check
  • +4% on Tips and NCA Bypasses


Flat $99 per Month, Split the Fees with your customer

  • Customer incurs a 2%** non-cash adjustment on each check
  • You pay only 1.99% of the charge

Monthly Statements?

$99 Flat*. That’s it. Done.
The statements are simple, clean, and concise with numbers you can take to your accountant.

* Tips and NCA bypasses are not subject to Non-Cash Adjustments on check, the merchant pays +4% on Tips and NCA Bypasses
** If the merchants average check is below $20, there will be a .10 transaction fee added.

Learn How FlatZero Can Specifically Help Your Restaurant

Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.

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