How to Resuscitate Your Restaurant From COVID-19 and come back even stronger

How to Resuscitate Your Restaurant From COVID-19 and come back even stronger

Coming back from COVID-19 will be the biggest challenge restaurant owners have ever faced. I’m sure you know that.

Customer habits are changed forever. Pick-up and delivery is no longer a side-hustle for restaurants, it is now the price of admission to stay in the game at all.

And that’s why, as we emerge on the other side… there will be winners. And there will be losers.

The Winners

Pizzerias have been booming. Why? They were prepared. Pick-up and delivery is in their DNA. They are growing market share as you read this. (Just look at Domino’s stock price).

The Losers

Dine-in restaurants. Those who think what got them to January 2020, will take them into the future… will be skinned alive in the coming months.

The Pivot

Pizzerias have relied on Off-Premise-Stations (OPS) for decades. This is the technology that determines:

    • When specific items should go in the oven
    • What side-items and utensils NEED to be included
    • The most efficient delivery route

In short, how to get a fresh, tasty meal to your customers when they’re dining at home. Screw this up and they won’t order again.

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